Clickup vs Zoho Projects - which service would suit best your project management requirements?

Is Clickup the better project management tool compared to Zoho Projects, or is it the other way around? Find the answer by reading our comparison below.

Zoho Projects

Create and assign tasks to different team members, set due dates for the tasks you created, schedule tasks, and create a budget as per the provisions…many are the things you could do to aid project management using Zoho Projects. While such functionalities are more or less common across project management services, what makes Zoho Projects special is that it can automate document processes- be it revision tracking or search and retrieval or access control, they could all be easily automated.

The heart of any good project management process is teamwork. Zoho Projects supports teamwork with the document management feature. This provides you with a portal through which you can share documents and files with other team members. Further, teams could also resolve errors using issue management features. Users can prepare business reports and management summaries using the dashboard and reporting module.

To facilitate good communication, the project management service brings multiple communication channels team members can use. These include chat, feeds, wiki and more.

Each channel has its advantages. For instance, feeds keep you updated about new tasks, announcements or other things related to the project. Chat rooms provide you with distinct channels to discuss a unique topic. You can set up the chat rooms with just a few clicks as well.

Perhaps the most fascinating aspect of the tool is that you can plan a project thoroughly using it. It does not just task you can create but also subtasks under each milestone, and then assign them to relevant team members. The provision for subtasks is especially useful for complex tasks. And if recurring tasks are involved, Zoho Projects lets you automate them.

The tool also encourages knowledge sharing, for you can create a distinct page for saving documents and information related to the project. The team members can access it as and when they wish.

Your team also stands a good chance of improving its productivity with Zoho Projects, thanks to tools including time sheets, global timers and resource utilization charts.


Clickup enables flexible project management according to your requirements, thanks in large part to the different views that it affords. To manage your priorities, you can use the list view while the calendar view is ideal for checking timelines. Gantt view meanwhile helps track progress.

Clickup also facilitates collaboration among team members. For one thing, team members can comment on a task or a document that is relevant to them. They could also get instant notification in case of any changes that are of their concern. Also, they can obtain all the important bits of information about a project from the dashboard.

Such conveniences are welcome, what makes Clickup even more useful is the fact that the tool’s features can be customized to support various processes in agile software development. Using the service, agile teams can customize for sprint management, bug tracking and product launches. Scrum dashboards can also be created, and the progress can be viewed using various agile charts. Further, software developers could collaborate on programming code. They could highlight syntax while native integration with Git is also possible.

Clickup efficiently supports remote work. To begin with, you can share documents over it, make reminders for important tasks and also view task progress no matter where team members are geographically located.

Should you choose Zoho Projects or Clickup?

For projects involving a small team, Zoho Projects should be an efficient tool. However, for more complex projects with a higher number of sprints, Clickup could be the better project management tool. This is especially true in the case of agile software projects.

What Zoho Projects and Clickup don’t bring you

Neither of the workflow management tools brings you a truly efficient way to measure the time someone spends on a task. Yes, time-tracking features may be present. However, the accuracy of the time measured is open for debate.

For one thing, how do you ensure that the break times are not factored in during the evaluation? The automatic timer in the project management service, I’m Productive measures that time duration accurately. The tool also comes with an AI which helps you predict project delivery with precision. The aforementioned time duration is just one aspect considered for this evaluation. The tool even lets you get the prediction with a single click- so you can be sure of the project delivery date.

Please visit their website to learn more about this workflow management service.

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