Should you choose Monday.com or Wrike as your project management system? Both have emerged as popular tools in the recent past. Here, we compare the two so you could choose the right one for you.


A pivotal aspect of this project management system boards. A team typically has access to a board which would have the list of all the tasks they need to perform as part of a project, and also the team members who are responsible for the tasks. If you so wish, you could also give your clients access to the board to some extent. This could help them see how the project is progressing.

Another feature which makes this workflow management system powerful is its adaptability. You can easily create custom solutions to the different processes that may be part of a project. You can just drag and drop the required solutions for this purpose. The platform also provides ample automation, apps and widgets to this end. If specific functionality you want is missing in the platform, you could develop an app for the same which can then be integrated into it.

To support collaboration, Monday.com lets you comment on the latest updates and pose questions to others in the team, thereby paving the way for discussions. You could also share information with ease, thanks to the fact that you could upload files and prepare notes that can be shared with others. You could even follow live social media feed activity to keep updated about work-related discussions.

Monday.com delivers on the analytics front as well. You could easily access insights into campaign performance, workload capacity and more. The tool also gives you drag-and-drop dashboards, enabling you to add charts and graphs to the team’s workspace.


We talked about how easy it is to view key aspects of a project- the tasks and associated team members- on Monday.com. Wrike too doesn’t lag in that respect, thanks to a unique dashboard that is made of three different panes.

The first pane helps you access the projects and teams you are involved with. You could create new tasks and assign them to the relevant team members using the second pane. The third pane features all the current tasks and subtasks.

 As you may have guessed, the three panes of the dashboard combine to bring a clear overview of the project, helping you track project and task progress with ease.

Wrike provides excellent real-time analytics solutions, by automatically updating every fifteen minutes elements like infographics, reports and charts. This smart feature ensures that you always get to view the current information no matter when you access the metrics. You could view updated info on the team’s performance, workload, task statuses and more. This feature is beneficial for any project. Even more so if you are guiding multiple projects at the same time.

The workflow management system also comes with a wide array of features that makes it useful for multiple departments in an organization. From HR to sales to product development and operations, all departments have something to aid their functions in this project management solution. You will find templates in the platform that caters to specific departments. Just pick the one that’s right for your department and start using it. As easy as that!

Should you choose Wrike or Monday.com?

In terms of features, both the project management systems that we discussed bring you a similarly exhaustive set. To a good extent, this explains the popularity of the two workflow management systems. It also makes it extremely hard to pick one over the other. Ultimately, what makes the difference is how easy you may find using the tools, and also the different subscription packages they come in. Monday.com does have a tiny upper hand in terms of design, thanks to its more minimalistic aesthetics. That being the case, we recommend that tool.

What Wrike and Monday.com lack

The ability to measure accurately the time someone spends on a task is missing from both workflow management systems. This drawback also makes both these tools incapable of giving you an accurate prediction of when a project could be delivered.

The project management tool, I’m Productive though differs in this regard. It measures time spent on a task without counting such things as break time. The AI that the tool employs also helps you predict the project delivery time accurately with just a click of a button. Visit their website to learn more.

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