Choosing the right project management service could mean the difference between a smoothly proceeding workflow management, and one that can be compared with an often bumpy ride. Here, we contrast Wrike and Trello, so you could make an informed choice between the two.


Wrike is exceptional when it comes to security. You could share files and track the performance of individual team members without worrying that information would be viewed by an unauthorized party. The project management service provides enterprise-level security towards that end.

Though Wrike brings you a host of useful features, it also provides a good number of free templates. This means, you could easily start using the service with one of these templates, even before you master all the features in the workflow management tool.

Wrike’s dashboard is one-of-a-kind. That’s no exaggeration because you wouldn’t find something like that in any other project management platform. It has three different panes which together present you a view of the complete workflow. All the workflow details you want to peruse could be viewed in this single space.

You can access all projects and financials through the first pane while you can create and assign tasks to team members using the second one. The last of the panes shows all the tasks and subtasks in a project.

One of the most valuable assets that you get while working and collaborating on a digital platform is data. But to help improve the performance of a team, you would need this data in real-time. To this end, Wrike brings you real-time analytics. Infographics, analytic dashboards and even reports get refreshed automatically every fifteen minutes or so. This means that you wouldn’t have to worry about any of the data that you view being outdated.

 You could view real-time metrics like task statuses, approvals, workloads and more. This feature is especially useful if you are involved in multiple projects at the same time. Also significant is the fact that not every project management service in fact brings you this feature.


One of the best-loved project management tools, Trello brings a long list of smart features for you. Perhaps, the catchword that explains Trello best is simplicity. For instance, it lets you organize your to-do lists as cards, lists or boards- depending on your requirements.

Aside from the three above-mentioned views, Trello also lets you view tasks in the timeline view. As the name suggests, this helps you see how the different tasks flow over a period of time. Trello’s interface also helps keep things simple- you could easily add begin and end dates using it, and also change the parameters if you so wish.

The table view is yet another view that you get in this project management tool. It mimics the arrangement ethos of a spreadsheet, helping you sort and filter items easily. Meanwhile, the dashboard view brings you a holistic picture of how the team is progressing with their tasks.

Other views include a calendar view which brings you a monthly vision of tasks and a map view which represents information in the form of a map.

In Trello, tasks are represented with cards. Keeping to their principle of simplicity, you could easily label or move a card across different stages of the workflow. If you click on a card, you will be presented with the card back. This is where you could find or fill in comments and task descriptions.

You could add new members to a card, set due dates and attach relevant files to cards. Also, to ease collaboration, if multiple team members are working on the same card, you could clone the card so any update made on the original card will be instantly visible on the other cards.

Should you choose Wrike or Trello?

Trello’s simplicity is not just charming, that also elevates its functionality. You also get multiple views in this service- which is particularly useful while handling complex projects. In other words, Trello is a compelling choice for a project management service. But if specific features like a real-time update on analytics or a comprehensive dashboard are important for managing your project, you could choose Wrike.

What Wrike and Trello lack

The idea of measuring the time someone spends on a task is central to accurately predicting the project delivery time. Unfortunately, neither Trello nor Wrike has a feature which accurately measures the said time, making a correct prediction of project delivery time all but impossible. But you could use the project management service, I’m Productive for the same. Incorporating an AI, it helps you make the prediction accurately with just a click of a button.  Head over to their website to learn more about the service.

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