Zoho Projects and Wrike- which is the better project management solution for your requirements? If that is a question that concerns you, then, we invite you to read the following comparison, to arrive at the right answer. 

Zoho Projects

Like every project management software worth its name, Zoho Projects also supports the basic features like creating and assigning tasks to different team members and also set due dates for the tasks. But what makes it different from many other workflow management tools is that it lets you automate document processes including revision tracking and access controls.

The platform also brings you a portal using which you could share documents and files with your team members. Another useful feature is the reporting module which could be used to create business reports and management summaries.

What makes Zoho Projects particularly useful is the fact that you could plan a project down to its very smallest details using it. For instance, it’s not only tasks but subtasks that you can create for each and every milestone. And of course, you could assign them all to the relevant team members. Such expansive planning is particularly useful when it comes to managing complex projects. Further, you could automate recurring tasks using Zoho Projects, adding another level of ease to managing projects.

To aid communication among team members, Zoho Projects brings multiple channels- including feeds, chat, wiki and forum. All such channels could be used depending on your purpose. For instance, you could set up chatrooms for conversations dedicated to a specific subject. Feeds, meanwhile, could be used to get constant updates about important announcements, changes made to a task and the like.

You also get tools that help improve productivity in this project management software. These include timesheets, global timers and resource utilization charts. There is also invoice software integrated into the system so that you receive accurate records for billing and raising invoices.


Similar to Zoho Projects, Wrike also brings its fair share of tools which help team members collaborate effectively in the course of working on a project. Among other things, the workflow management system supports live editing, real-time comments, dynamic reports and more. Such tools negate the need to rely on conventional tools like email and phone calls to collaborate with team members.

Wrike also provides real-time analytics. This means you get aspects like reports, charts and infographics automatically updated every 15 minutes or so. This means you can be sure you are never perusing outdated information at any given point in time. Among other metrics, you could view real-time team performance, workload, approvals, project statuses and more. What makes this feature particularly striking is that you don’t get it in every project management system.

Wrike also boasts one of the most unique- and uniquely useful- dashboards among project management tools. The dashboard contains three panes which together bring a complete picture of the whole workflow. To access all financials and projects, you can use the first pane. The second pane is the one you can use to create and assign tasks to team members, and to set due dates for tasks. All the current tasks, as well as subtasks, could be found on the third pane.

Wrike also brings a host of features that could be considered department-specific. This means that no matter the department in the organization that uses the tool, they are going to find it useful. The diverse set of features in Wrike makes functioning easier for HR, the content creation team, the operations and product development teams and more. This level of versatility also makes it more cost-effective- you wouldn’t have to invest in different project management tools for different departments.

Should you choose Wrike or Zoho Projects?

A particularly complex project involving a large number of tasks and subtasks stands to benefit from using Zoho Projects. For others, the expansive features of Wrike would be more than enough.

What do Zoho Projects and Wrike lack?

Both the project management systems discussed here are robust when it comes to supporting collaboration among team members and also with helping you track task progress. Those are two key attributes of a good workflow management system. Given that, there is no reason to dismiss these tools.

However, there is one function which almost all project managers worry about more than anything else- accurately defining when they could deliver a project. Both the tools lack a feature to help you do that. And the reason for that is that neither of the tools has a means to accurately measure the time someone spends on a task, without counting break time and the like. Without that metric, you simply cannot predict project delivery time.

This is why the project management software, I’m Productive becomes a significant alternative. Not only does the tool capture time spent on a task accurately, it even employs an AI which lets you predict project delivery time with just a click of a button.

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