Should you choose Jira or Zoho Projects as the project management service to help you and your team through coming projects? That question could only be answered by taking a comparative look at both the services. So, without further ado, take a look at the same.


Perhaps, the most impressive aspect of Jira is that it includes tools that are dedicated to agile projects and scrum management. These include Kanban and scrum boards which represent workflows in a highly accessible, visual format, so that team members could easily keep track of the progress of tasks. The project management software also includes provision for multiple project views, including user stories.

Jira was originally invented to track bugs and related errors during the course of software development. So, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the tool provides excellent bug tracking provision in its current avatar too. Developers could locate and record bugs in the software they are creating, and they could also see all the bugs in the backlog.

Jira also makes reporting super-efficient, which isn’t something that could be said about many other project management tools. Using the tool, you can create version reports, burndown charts, burnup charts, sprint reports and cumulative flow diagrams among others. In fact, that’s just a small cross-section of the types of agile reports that could be created using Jira.

All projects are not made alike. Those who manage projects are aware of this fact but some project management tools are designed as if every project runs the same way. Thankfully, that’s not the case with Jira. The tool brings you excellent customization possibilities. Not just the workflows but also other features like scrum boards and reports could be customized according to your project’s requirements. Software developers could easily enhance their software’s capability by integrating with other apps: Jira lets you integrate with over 3,000 third-party apps!

But that’s not to say that only software development teams stand to benefit from this tool. There are certain versions of Jira that could be used by marketing teams while planning out product launches and other marketing-related events. Meanwhile, human resources teams could make use of the workflows for their onboarding processes. These are mere examples, of course. The high level of customizability Jira offers means that different teams in an organization can use the product according to their wants.

Zoho Projects

Regardless of how complex a project is, Zoho Projects helps you plan it out, incorporating even the minutest details. This is in large part due to the ease with which the platform not only lets you create tasks but also subtasks for each milestone. Assigning these to the ideal team members is also equally easy to do. In addition, you could also automate recurrent tasks using Zoho Projects, so that you could have more time to attend to unique tasks that demand your full attention.

No workflow management service is worth its name if it doesn’t support efficient support for communication among team members. On this front, Zoho Projects scores in spades. In fact, the tool brings you different channels for this purpose- including chat, activity stream, wiki and feeds. Each of these serves a different purpose. Feeds, for instance, help you stay on top of the latest announcements and other developments in projects that are relevant to you. Chat rooms, on the other hand, are spaces dedicated to discussing distinct topics by team members.

It’s not just inter-team communication which Zoho Projects aims to improve, but also the productivity of teams. To this end, you will find tools including resource utilization charts, global timers and timesheets. There is also invoice software integrated into the system. This ensures accurate billing and invoicing.

Should you choose Zoho Projects or Jira?

If your project includes a large number of sprints, Jira could be an ideal project management software. Zoho Projects, on the other hand could be used for more straightforward projects. You should also check the pricing for these two tools before making the final decision. Some tools may offer quite a lot of features even in their free version while others would have you paying even for those.

What Zoho Projects and Jira lack

There is no doubt that both project management services discussed here are useful in their own ways. Indeed, certain features- like the variations of reports that Jira provides- are nothing short of stunning. But still, one critical feature is missing from both the tools- the ability to objectively measure the amount of time someone spends on a task. Without this metric, it’s impossible to make a realistic evaluation of when you could deliver the project.

If you are wondering if any project management software provides this feature, the answer is I’m Productive. In fact, you could get an accurate prediction of project delivery time with just a click on a button in this tool. The platform even employs a powerful AI to this end. Learn more about this incredible workflow management service by visiting their website.

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