While Notion has a reputation for being an easy-to-use project management service, Zoho Projects is not far behind in the ease-of-use front. Having said that, which of these workflow management tools brings the right set of tools to aid you in your project management journey? Read our comparison to find out.


It is quite easy to make notes or add other media like videos and images that are relevant to a project using Notion. You get a dedicated blank page for this purpose. You could not just drag and drop content into this space but also rearrange the same. As for types of content, aside from the aforementioned videos and images, the platform also supports programming codes, bookmarks and more.

The provision to add custom keyword tags also makes it easy to track the notes and documents that you create in this project management system.  Further, you could keep the notes you create private or share them with team members.

But the notes you create form only one type of information that you would require for the effective running of a project. The team would also need documents related to engineering practices, office policies and company policies. For this reason, Notion brings you Wikis, using which you could add different types of content including embeds, lists and images. As with notes, you could just drag and drop the content and rearrange them according to your requirement.

Aside from these, the project management software also helps you create and maintain tasks- an essential feature to manage workflow. The users could add the properties of a database of tasks according to their requirements. They could also behold a database in multiple views- including table, calendar and board views.

This project management software considers any content that you add to it- be it a web page, image, video, list and the like- as a block. You could just put together different blocks in the same space, arranging them according to your wish. For instance, if you need to consult different forms of content to finish a task, you could put all the related entries in one place.



Zoho Projects

Zoho Projects is a project management system that brings its own set of tools to help you manage workflow and see a project through. One of the smartest features of the system is that it allows you to create both tasks and subtasks for every milestone.

This permits a detailed level of planning which is especially important for complex projects. You also get the option to automate recurring tasks using this workflow management system.

To aid collaboration, Zoho Projects brings a good set of features. For instance, you can use many channels of communication to work efficiently with your team members, including feeds, activity streams, wiki and chats. You could use these channels for distinct purposes. For instance, feeds can be used if you want to stay updated about the latest announcements or changes made in a project. A chat room, on the other hand, provides a dedicated space for team members to discuss a topic.

At the same time, this project management software also brings you tools to help improve your team’s productivity. Some of these include time sheets, global timers and resource utilization charts. The software also comes with invoice software integrated with it. This makes sure that the number of billable hours is captured accurately, and you wouldn’t make any errors while issuing bills.  

To share important documents with team members, you could create a page where you could save them. This could be set up as a common knowledge pool from which team members could derive what they want, whenever they want to.

Should you choose Zoho Projects or Notion?

Notions’ interface has a simple elegance that makes it a joy to use. Combine this with the obviously useful features like Wikis and you could make a strong case for this software. However, Zoho Projects possibly brings you an even more expansive list of features to make project management easy for you.

What Notion and Zoho Projects lack

It’s nigh maddening to remain uncertain about when exactly you would be able to deliver a project. In many cases, the expected delivery date becomes more arbitrary than anything substantial. One main reason for this is that project management tools don’t generally bring you an accurate way to measure the time a team member spends on a task. Without this metric, every prediction of project delivery is bound to be vague.

The project management service, I’m Productive replaces this vagueness with an accurate prediction of project delivery. To do this, the system employs a powerful AI. You could just click on a button, and the AI would give you an accurate delivery time. Among other things, the system captures the accurate time duration someone has been on a task to support this.

That’s no small addition that this workflow management tool brings, on top of features including task creation and tracking. Head to their website, to learn more.

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