Do you know when your team can deliver the project?

Achieve Predictable Revenue through Predictable Project Delivery using AI

We also offer Consultation & Training to achieve Predictable Project Delivery
Free Accelerator Program for eligible startup Teams as new startups struggle the most at delivery

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Predict & Achieve Peace of Mind

Predict Project completion accurately using team member performance data in real time

Identify delays & Help team members Achieve High Productivity

We give you accurate productivity reports and delays affecting your project progress

Estimate your Work that make sense

Tracks worked time of each tasks, ignoring breaks & day offs, so you don’t over/under estimate the work


Either under estimate/over estimate their team’s Productivity & Bill Clients Inaccurately

And Never Achieve Delivery Deadlines

How we Predict?

The logic is a replication of how humans estimate skills and take it next level using AI with precise data

predict project delivery

Just Click “AI Predict” Button anytime to find out your chance of Project completion in Real time

No need sprints, story points, indirect velocity calculations This is 10 times more accurate as we use lot of other important metrics such as Worked time, Each member efficiency, success rate etc.,

predict project completion

We didn’t stop there

We are writing a Book about this

Its Simple to Use

Dont worry how it works under the hood

Its like another browser

You decide what features you want on your tabs - project/tasks/shortcuts all in one user customisable tab bar

productivity browser

You know Playlist, You know our Task list

Clean, simple to view task list with just the important fields of your choice on display And more task attributes on the dedicated task side panel accessible anytime

project tasklist

Simple & Review Workflow

Not just tasks done, we also track time worked, to review, to closed etc affecting the overall delay of the project

project workflow
estimated duration

Simple & Review Workflow

Not just tasks done, we also track time worked, to review, to closed etc affecting the overall delay of the project

Productivity Bar

Your todays productivity, active working task, worked hours vs estimated simple as never before

productivity bar

Just Pin Task list, documents & shortcuts

Customisable independently for each team member With its unified create new button without searching all over the place

task page upload

Get Team metrics you have never seen before

project effeciency success rate

Productivity of each day Is transparent like never before

Productivity of each member is displayed in simple to use calendar view

project productivity calender

Smart Guided Notifications

Congrats! You have reached your productivity goal today

You are working more than your estimated time

Sorry, You cannot work on multiple tasks at the same time

Your productivity for this week is too low

And much more…

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Additional Features

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Free Consultation for your Team

We provide Free 1 hour consultation for your specific scenario such as project delays, Agile best practices & its misses adapting to your team
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Startup Accelerator Program

We provide 90% free discount to eligible startups and offer 3 months Free Growth Consultation Which will help startups achieve their product launch quicker and successfully
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