Step 1: Create your account using your work mail ID

Step 2: Invite your team members

Step 3: Create Projects, Milestones, Tasks and Get started!!

The task can be created for a minimum of 1 hour and the maximum time limit for a task is 8 hours.

Every organisation having team-based projects can use this website. Predominantly for remotely working team.

Productivity is measured based on the status of task done by the employees. (When the task changed to Resolved status)

There are 3 views to view the project ie.,Card, Bubble, To do. You can switch views in the tasks page.

There are multiple options to create tasks

Option 1 : Using AI avatar which is available in the Right below corner of the page

Option 2 : Create tasks from a message to Chat using the (+) button available below the message.

Option 3 : Create tasks by taking notes which is available in To do’s view