Jira or Monday.com? Make an informed decision on which project management tool to choose

For managing your project efficiently, should you choose Jira or Monday.com? To know which of these project management services fits your purposes better, please read out the comparison below. 


To manage any project, a certain set of functions and features are essential. And you can rest assured that you will find them in Jira. Many of these are akin to what are present in other workflow management services. So, then, you may be wondering why you should choose Jira over others?

Jira makes a compelling case with its Sprints feature.

A sprint is a unit of extended action, that forms a link in a chain of similar sprints. Cumulatively, the sprints would give rise to a final product or update in a software product.

Sprints are of particular importance in the current age owing to two reasons. One is that many businesses have software development as part of their functioning even if they don’t sell software or related services. This means now more companies use sprints- a frequently used model in software development processes- than ever before. The second reason is that many companies are adopting the agile model for software development. if you are familiar with agile methodologies, you would know that efficient sprints are a focal point of agility.

Each sprint is a self-contained unit in that each has its own stated outcome and actions. By nature, sprints are highly collaborative in nature, and owing to the typically large number of tasks involved, can be complex to manage. Jira, by offering a dedication to sprints makes like easy for team leaders and managers in that respect.

While Jira scores a point in its utility with Sprints, it falls short in another respect- the interface.

Whereas the aesthetic of Jira’s design is admirable, the functionality is a different matter altogether. In fact, certain areas of the workflow management tool come across as cluttered, so it may take a few tries before you could actually learn how to make use of some of its features. That’s an unwanted overhead but which is, unfortunately, a part of Jira. However, if you could spare enough time to master the said features, then the tool does offer great utility.


The word pulse comes with some heavy associations. It brings to mind ideas of the heart, of the central aspect of a system, of vitality.

 Monday.com is one project management tool that has gained popularity a little late in the day compared to its peers. But its rising popularity owes a lot to pulses-  a feature that is central to it.

On Monday.com a pulse can be just about anything in the context of a project. Typically, the principal item in a project is supposed to be a task. While there is nothing inherently wrong with this, there are times when this idea is limiting.

Unfortunately, many project management tools come with tasks as the central unit. This limits their use if your project calls for more flexible definitions of units.

Given this, Monday.com has an edge over many other project management services. Once you create a pulse- it takes just a few clicks to do so- you could set a deadline for it and also assign team members. You could set dependencies in the event that a pulse could be acted upon only after another action. Aside from these, you can also easily set the status for a pulse.

Should you choose Monday.com or Jira?

If your project contains multiple sprints, and especially if the sprints are complex and contain large numbers of tasks, Jira is a good option for you. Monday.com allows a fair amount of flexibility, as mentioned before. So, if you think that your project is distinct in some ways, perhaps Monday.com would be the better workflow management tool for you.

What’s missing in Monday.com and Jira?

While one of these project management tools has the distinction of having sprints as a unique feature, the other brings pulses that offer flexibility in how you define the fundamental action item in your project. Those are commendable aspects. But neither Jira nor Monday.com enables you to measure accurately the amount of time someone spends on a task. This in turn limits your capability to measure the estimated time in which you would be able to deliver the project.

I’m productive positions itself as a strong alternative to other project management services in this context. With its powerful AI, you can predict project delivery dates precisely with just a click of a button. Visit their website and learn more about how I’m Productive can help you with your project management requirements.

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