When it comes to project management solutions, should the choice be Monday.com or Zoho Projects? There are many features that make each workflow management special. To know how they compare against each other, please read on.
 One of the key differentiators between working in the post-digital world and before is the volume of decisions that you now make based on data. It is safe to assume that the said volume is exponentially higher than before, simply because every other thing is quantified and represented as data points in today’s world.
 Monday.com becomes a great ally for you in this context given how it synchronizes all the information related to a project that you put in it so that you can access them all in a single location. Put another way, it brings a whole lot of data in a single place so you can make informed decisions.
 Monday.com makes it easy for team members to track the status of their projects thanks to the highly intuitive manner in which work could be displayed using it. Also, it’s super-easy for anyone in the team to know the tasks that they are responsible for at any given point in time using this workflow management system.
 The workflow management tool also incorporates an intuitive interface which makes onboarding a team hassle-free and time-efficient. This is not a simple advantage given the fact that many other project management tools in the market feature interfaces that look like they are designed to baffle more than guide you.
 Talking about having an edge over the competition, Monday.com also brings you the ability to customize automation- a feature that is lacking in many of its peers. This means that you can kiss goodbye to the repetitive tasks which often have you grumbling, and instead focus on high-value tasks.
 Monday.com is also a boon for collaborative works- it brings you a plethora of features for the same. Using this project management tool, you can easily assign tasks to someone, update statuses and also track the progress of projects.
 Searching out items when you want to track down a previous communication is also easy. Even better, the platform lets you integrate all major communication tools your team may be using- including Zoom, email, Slack and MS Teams. It provides integration support for over thirty tools.
Be it giving feedback, sharing documents or pitching ideas, it can be done smoothly using Monday.com.
 Zoho Projects
 Having talked about distinct advantages that Monday.com brings you over other project management services, Zoho Projects to brings its own features that are not easily replicated by other services.
 Some of these features help you plan projects incorporating far more details than many other project management tools. For one thing, it’s not just tasks that you could create but also subtasks, and you can do this for every milestone.
 We discussed the communication potential that Monday.com brings to your team. The same is true with Zoho Projects as well.
 In fact, the project management tool brings multiple channels for the same, including feeds, chat and streams. Each channel can be put to a different use.
 Feeds, for example, can be used to keep updated about something while chat rooms could be created and maintained to discuss exclusively topics. This workflow management tool also facilitates something that is becoming increasingly central for businesses to stay competitive: which is knowledge sharing. You could simply create a page in Zoho Projects where you could save documents and other data related to a project, which others in the team could then access.
 Another bedrock of efficient teamwork is the team’s productivity. Zoho Projects has different features to help teams boost their productivity. These include resource utilization charts, timesheets and global timers. Invoice software is also integrated into the system. It helps ensure that you bill hours without errors.
 Should you choose Monday.com or Zoho Projects?
 Zoho Projects has many things going for it- including features that help detailed project planning, and which help maintain high productivity. Such features probably make it a good choice for complex projects. But for other projects, Monday.com would be our pick.
What Monday.com and Zoho Projects lack
 You don’t get a feature to accurately measure how long someone spends on a task. This in turn handicaps your ability to accurately judge the delivery time of the project. This is a major drawback in what are otherwise really good project management solutions.
 I’m Productive, meanwhile, is a workflow management tool that uses an advanced AI to help you predict project delivery accurately. It, of course, has a way to measure the time spent on a task. In fact, that is one of the key metrics used for predicting project delivery. Head to their website to learn more about this incredible project management solution. 

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