Trello vs Zoho Projects - Learn which project management service you should choose

If you were to choose between the project management services, Trello and Zoho Projects, which should be your pick? Read our comparison below and make the right choice.


In Trello, cards represent the tasks that need to be performed for the successful completion of a project. Thanks to a highly intuitive interface, you can easily label or move these cards through multiple work stages. Further, you can simply click on a card to reveal the card’s back- there, you would find comments and descriptions related to it. You could add team members to a card, include checklists, set up due dates and also attach any files that need to be consulted while carrying out a task in the card.

The project management service also allows you to link a card simply by pasting a URL as the card’s title. If the URL is that of a board, the card will directly link to the relevant board. Users could also clone cards so any changes made in the original card would reflect in them too. This feature eases collaboration to a great extent.

To view projects at various stages of their completion, Trello provides multiple views.

The timeline view is one of them. Using it, you can see how the different steps in the project come together to form a whole over a period of time. You can also add or change the start or end date for cards. You could group together cards according to list, member or label. This helps you see the corresponding workload.

 Meanwhile, the table view gives you a list in the style of a spreadsheet. This is particularly useful in the case of projects which cover multiple boards. You can easily sort and filter the cards in the table view. 

 Another view that you get in this project management tool is the dashboard view. This is useful when you want to view the progress of a card or gain insights into the performance of a team.

 The calendar view, as the name suggests, brings you a month-wise view of the card. You could also alter the start and end dates of tasks in this view by simply dragging and dropping them.

 One more view you get in this workflow management software is the map view. It essentially represents information on a map, that you can comprehend easily.

 Zoho Projects

 Instead of cards, Zoho Projects lets you create tasks. Not just that, you can schedule the tasks, assign them to different team members, create budgets for tasks and also set end dates for them.

 One standout feature of this workflow management software lets you automate document processes. These include access control, and search and retrieval. Members of a team could also share documents with each other using the document management feature. This feature brings you a portal that facilitates document-sharing.

 Meanwhile, the issue management features help teams resolve any errors in the tasks. These are features are highly valuable from a collaboration perspective.

Also, to create business reports and summaries, you can make use of the reporting module.

 By now, you must have got the idea that Zoho Projects has an exhaustive list of features which help with project management. In fact, the features are so many that you could plan a project from start to end down to the tiniest details.  For instance, aside from tasks, you can also create subtasks for each milestone, and also assign them to team members.

 Zoho Projects also provides excellent support for communication amongst team members. The different media channels that you get for the same include feeds, chat, wiki and more.

 Each channel can be used for a distinct function. For instance, you can create individual chat rooms to discuss particular topics. Feeds, on the other hand, help you stay on top of the latest like a new task created or an announcement. 

 Sharing knowledge is also easy over Zoho Projects thanks. You could create a page where documents and other relevant information could be saved. Team members could then access this page whenever they seek some information.

 Should you choose Zoho Projects or Trello?

Trello probably has a slight edge over Zoho Projects with its visual appeal and ease of use. However, the primary advantage you gain with it is the cards feature which allows you to define a card as a task or something else, depending on your project requirements. But if your project is more straightforward, and involves conventional tasks, then, Zoho Projects is not a bad option.

What they lack

Trello and Zoho Project bring a great set of features that facilitates project management. However, neither of these project management services helps you accurately predict the time in which you could deliver a project. I’m Productive is one service that can help you with the same. In fact, the service is integrated with an AI solely for that purpose.

All you have to do is click, to get the prediction. To learn more about this workflow management tool, please visit their website.


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